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Financial Services

Finance is the lifeblood of a business. Right from the beginning financial management plays a pivotal role in management of a successful business. Get experienced financial management services from our dedicated team of experts. Partner with us for fundraising, financial forecasting, M&A, SBA Loans and other financial services from professionals in the field.

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  • Financial Forecasting
  • Fundraising Service
  • SBA Loan
  • Selling Company
  • M&A (Merger & Acquisition)
  • Commission: Negotiable
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Consulting Services

Business Consulting is about strengthening leadership, transforming processes, building capabilities and achieving bottom-line results. That is what we exactly do at Y & People, we closely work with our clients across various industries to enhance performance and improve results that are significant and measurable on both qualitative and quantitative metrics.

Choose from our best service portfolios to augment results for your business:

  • Analyzing Business Goals & Building Strategies
  • Finding Problems and Solutions
  • Consultation Fee:
    1. – (1 Session) $ 250 / 90 mins
    2. – (2 Session) $ 450 / 60 mins/each
    3. – (4 Session) $ 900 / 60 mins/each
    4. – (6 Session) $ 1,200/ 60 mins/each
  • Discussion with any issues
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