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Let’s talk about Social Media Marketing Strategy

-By Business Strategist Dr. Rara H. Jeon, Y&PEOPLE (

Would anyone like to share why social media is important?

There is no doubt that Social Media Marketing has become significant in today’s world.

Through Social Media, we can speak to multiple people at once while building and enhancing our brand – our personal brand and our organizational brand.

But who has the time to create content and post it on social media platforms?

Many small business owners have multiple jobsto tend to every day due to the lack of human resources. Guess what?

If you’re repeating the same routine day after day at the expense of your social media marketing, your business will stagnate and its growth will suffer. Today’s successful companies continuously engage in active social media marketing.

We are here to help those business owners who do not have the time to create and post content by themselves.

I highly recommendto business owners that they do what they do best and focus on their business projects rather than spend time trying to create and post content.

Those who don’t have time, energy, and expertise to create their own social media contentcan hire us or another digital marketing agency to work for you. It would be a much more efficient and effective use of your resources.

Here is another point.

Posting in and of itself is not necessarily a strong marketing strategy. One needs to build a specific and compelling ongoing content strategy first and be able to implement it effectively.

For instance, people grow irritated of being bombarded with Advertising on social media. How often have you been watching a Youtube video that was interrupted with a commercial right at a significant moment in your viewing? Frustrating, isn’t it? Think your irritation will subside enough for you to purchase that product or service? I doubt it.

Yet, many companies continue to use social media platforms in that noxious manner to advertise their product and services when, in fact, they are poisoning their own brand.

Once a while it might be okay, but it’s not a good idea to talk about your company product and service every single time.

Instead, it would be much better to construct a story with content that people might want to hear and be interested in. If you watched the Superbowl commercials, you will have noticed that the great commercials rarely even mention the product verbally. Often, they just show a logo.

This is the reason why most professionals in the social media field say that social media is about sharing information or telling a story.

In order to increase subscribers and followers for your businesses, you should know what kind of information you are able to share with them.

Once you have an idea, you should create and design the content that excites others.

I highly encourage you to create videos rather than just static images.

People are more likely to be engaged by video rather than text and images.

If you have enough followers, you can gradually promote your product and services to them.

We need to narrow down our potential customers through the social media to develop your business.