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Financial Services

Finance is the lifeblood of a business. Right from the beginning financial management plays a pivotal role in management of a successful business. Get experienced financial management services from our dedicated team of experts. Partner with us for fundraising, financial forecasting, M&A, SBA Loans and other financial services from professionals in the field.

Get in touch to Power your profits with knowledge and expertise:

  • Financial Forecasting
  • Fundraising Service
  • SBA Loan
  • Selling Company
  • M&A (Merger & Acquisition)
  • Commission: Negotiable
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Global Business Services

As you embark upon you trade journey we walk along with a complete trade business plan. Right from analyzing the country to generating the lists of distributors and buyers we design tailored plans for small and large businesses to help them reach new heights. Our consultation also includes simplifying the complex logistics processes involved in export and import businesses.

Pick the right service for your requirement and get in touch for effective and efficient trade consultation services:

  • Country / Industry Analysis
  • Import/Export Trends for Goods or Services
  • Distribution / Buyer List
  • Contact distributors/ buyers and report their interest
  • Fee: $3,800- Time: 6 weeks – 8 weeks

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Business Plan Writing

Whether you an established business firm or a start-up, you have arrived at a right place to write your business plan, Y & People offers hassle free Business Plan Writing services. From financial plans to market analysis from pitch deck presentations to master business plan we are experts in writing stellar business plans targeted at investors, public institutions, potential business partners or financial institutions.

  • Target: Start Ups/ US VISA applicant/ Loan Applicant
  • Deliver Master Business Plan:
    1. – Market Research
    2. – Building Marketing & Management Strategies
    3. – Pro-forma Financial Statement
  • Investor Relations (IR)
  • Time: 3 weeks – 6 weeks
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Consulting Services

Business Consulting is about strengthening leadership, transforming processes, building capabilities and achieving bottom-line results. That is what we exactly do at Y & People, we closely work with our clients across various industries to enhance performance and improve results that are significant and measurable on both qualitative and quantitative metrics.

Choose from our best service portfolios to augment results for your business:

  • Analyzing Business Goals & Building Strategies
  • Finding Problems and Solutions
  • Consultation Fee:
    1. – (1 Session) $ 250 / 90 mins
    2. – (2 Session) $ 450 / 60 mins/each
    3. – (4 Session) $ 900 / 60 mins/each
    4. – (6 Session) $ 1,200/ 60 mins/each
  • Discussion with any issues
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Digital Marketing & Communication

Digital Marketing is not just about managing social media, website development and using some SEO tools to improve ranking. We create platforms that are engaging, inspiring and interactive. We mastered the art of building interactive Websites, Social Media Management, Application Development, SEO (Social Media Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), Newsletters and more. Platforms that are driven by data, technology and path-breaking designs.

Increase your brand presence and make it accessible the web with a host of interactive services:

  • World Class Website Development
  • Developing Transformative Applications
  • Global Webinar Hosting
  • Preferred Social Media Partner
  • Out of the World Designing
  • Boosting Web Presence with SEO/SMM
  • Impactful Presence with Compelling PR
  • Crisp Communication with Newsletters
  • Crafting Dynamic Brand Visual Aids
  • Interactive Campaign Development
  • Complete Digital Campaigning
  • UI/UX Design
  • Videos & Motion Graphics
  • CMS integration
  • Copy writing & Editing
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Building Brands Strategically

Successful brands have a strong vision, at Y & People we strongly believe that a brand is an identity that needs strategic thinking and experts to develop and strengthen it. Whether it’s building a new brand, reviving the old one or maintaining an existing brand we have in-house experts to create, nurture and reinvigorate your brands.

Our basket of Branding Services includes:

  • Creating Corporate Identity
  • Strategy Development
  • Integrated Marketing Communication Plan
  • 360 Degree Brand Managements
  • New Brand Launch
  • Messaging
  • Logo & Identity
  • Merchandise
  • Naming, Jingles & Taglines
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